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Results 1 - 11 of 11 Eternal 192010081 Water Flow Sensor. O'rings included. For GU100, GU145 & GU195 S/M Models BRAND NEW, NO WARRANTY ITEM .

The Eternal GU145 Hybrid Gas Water Heater! This water heater combines the best of both water heater designs. It has a small reservoir which eliminates the cold water sandwich which plagued.

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Eternal Hybrid Water Heater Technical Specifications. Model Name GU145S and GU195S are for single or dual unit applications with no multi control.

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for Many Applications. GU145(S) & GU195(S,M). Big Jobs call for Big Solutions! For larger commercial jobs,. Eternal water heaters have the ability to be common.

4 Eternal Hybrid Water Heater Technical Speci cations Model Name GU145 / GU145(S) GU195(S) / GU195(M) Thermal Ef ciency (*) / Energy Factor 98% NG / 99% LP / 0.96 Energy Factor.

Installation Preparation Unpacking Your Eternal Water Heater Unpack the unit carefully and make sure that all accessories are put aside so they will not be lost. Operator's manual Warranty Registration Card Included Parts Inspect the water heater for possible shipping damages.