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We offer a range of accessories for our pagers. Please note the appropriate housing type (types.

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  3. Swissphone RES.Q – DE955–G/GP The first alert system with integrated feedback and localisation 09 08 342286 AG Alerting / Fire services / Rescue services Improved and innovative solutions are in high demand. With ever changing requirements providers must continue to find efficient and flexible ways to meet the needs of the public safety.

Swissphone The most important performance features 32 capcodes (128 addresses), frame independent.

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Swissphone DE900 The digital «POWER-Pager» for daily use The most important performance features over 4 months of standby time in ECO mode 3-line backlit LC-Display with large.

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The DE900 is a POCSAG pager with a 4 line alphanumberic display. It works similar to the Motorola Advisor pager but is much more rugged and made for fire safety organizations.