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Spectra Physics Ultrafast laser system. Tsunami, Millennia Pro, Thermo Neslab chiller model #KMC 100, 3955 mode locker control, SP 3910 air purge. Tsunami is femtosecond and picosecond version, model number 3960d-M1S. This is a full system, including manuals, all cables, hoses for air purge, chiller hoses, power cords, etc, and in unused condition.used SPECTRA PHYSICS Tsunami for sale. Price. REES E200 series laser spectrum analyzer TDS 210 Oscilloscope Find-R-scope IR Viewer Lytron water chiller Operating manuals Cleaning kit Cables Miscellaneous kinematics Optical table and table frame not included Can be demonstrated 2000 vintage.pulse picker system (stand alone) for use with a Spectra Physics Tsunami fs laser Or you can use Pump start signal (please see the manual) and adjust the .The Tsunami laser is designed to be pumped by a Spectra-Physics Millennia® series diode-pumped solid-state laser. The specifications listed in this manual are .

loci.wisc.edu.Aug 22, 2002 This manual contains information you need in order to safely install, oper- ate, maintain, and explains its intended use with the Tsunami laser.// Tsunami laser: Tsunami tuning range = 755-905nm, 3ps pulsewidth, Tsunami output power @ 5 Watt Millennia pump power is 0.88, 0.96, 0.73 and 0.55 Watts @ 760, 800, 850, and 900nm, respectively. // System has very low hours and is in extremely excellent condition.Spectra Physics Manuals Are you search Spectra Physics Manuals? You then come to the correct place to obtain the Spectra Physics Manuals. You can read any ebook online with simple steps. The Model 409 is designed for use with the Spectra-Physics Tsunami laser Spectra Geospatial | Spectra Geospatial.

// The system has been fully Tested and Verified // The laser system was manufactured in 2003 and is in very good overall condition. We have fully tested the laser system to be in fully operational condition. // The system includes: Tsunami seed laser; Millennia pump laser; Evolution power supply; chiller.The Tsunami Ti:sapphire laser is driven by the Millenia pump laser. From the Spectra Physics manual: "The bi-fi consists of crystalline quartz plates placed .In no event will Spectra-Physics be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any defects in this documentation.The Spectra-Physics Mai Tai® Ti:Sapphire oscillator is used for a variety of locking technique proven with the Spectra-Physics Tsunami® oscillator. Using this .

When the Tsunami oscillator is combined with the broad range of Spectra-Physics harmonic generators and optical parametric oscillators, such as the Inspire™ OPO, wavelength coverage spans.Tsunami. Mode-locked Ti:sapphire Laser. User's Manual. The Solid-State Laser The Tsunami laser is designed to be pumped by a Spectra-Physics Millen-.The UB.2 beamsplitters can be used to evenly divide S polarized light output from the Spectra Physics Tsunami®. P-Polarized Beamsplitters The UB.4 beamsplitters can be used to split the P polarized output beam from Spectra Physics ultrafast amplifiers and oscillators such as Solstice, Spitfire.System Description. The Tsunami is located in Room 2135 of the Kim Engineering Building, on the optics bench farthest from the door. It is part of a system composed of the Verdi (the pump laser for the Tsunami), the Tsunami and the Opal (an optically pumped parametric oscillator, which is driven by the Tsunami).

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ID#: 9188315 Manufacturer: SPECTRA PHYSICS Model: TSUNAMI 3960 Category: LASERS Equipment Details: Ultrafast laser system Lock clock option: No GTI Head Pump laser type: Ti:Sapphire laser oscillator Manual included.The Tsunami® ultrafast Ti:Sapphire oscillator series combines operational simplicity with flexibility, plus unmatched tuning capability and pulse duration range.Tsunami contains technology that is unique among Ti:sapphire lasers and MANUAL. Figure 2-1: Standard Safety Warning Sign. Figure 2-2: Folded Metal .Specifications only apply when the specific Tsunami model is pumped by a Spectra-Physics Millennia eV 25 W, 15 W, 10 W or 5 W solid state laser and the entire Tsunami Environmental Package is installed.