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The Hebie Chainglider is a clip-together plastic sleeve for singlespeed or hub gear chains. It rests on top of your chain rather than attaching to your frame, which adds a bit of friction.

  1. Chainguards made in Bielefeld, Germany. Our innovative and high quality products solve any problems with dirt. Inform yourself.

  2. Chainglider Rearpart 350R B modified for Rohloff Speedhub 0350R B aussen_14-08-01_cut Hebie Gmbh Co. Kg Sandhagen 16 D-33617 Bielefeld www.hebie.de Hebie GmbH Co. KG expressly reserves the right to make changes to its products, and thus also to the technical documentation, especially the drawings. Insofar as the orderer places orders according to drawings, it is his responsibility.

  3. The HEBIE 350 - the self-supporting gear protection for the modern, urban means of transport. Hebie chain guards - the symbiosis of approved tradition and modern elegance.

The KMC-X10.93 on my MTB was gone after about 1200mi or less than 2000km. Way gone. I found that once it reached the 0.8% stretch limit its continued wear accelerated.

  1. With the use/mounting of a Hebie Chainglider SPEEDHUB (typ 350) one has to pay attention that parts made of plastic are unable to scratch on the surface of the hub case! With the first series of Chaingliders scratching marks occasionally appeared on the hub case by the grinding touch of the Chainglider's.

  2. Bike chains come in two sizes, 1/8inch (aka BMX chain) and 3/32inch (aka 9 speed chain). 1/8inch chains are designed for single speed or internal hub geared bicycles and the chain is designed in such a way that it can not be derailed from the sprocket.

  3. A FULLY ENCLOSED CHAINCASE THAT WORKS Part 2 (Part 1, in this above, outlines the types of chaincases available, and describes the Hebie Chainglider and several types of Dutch plastic chaincases.

CHAINGLIDER – der patentierte, freitragende Kettenschutz bietet innovativen Vollschutz. Ohne Anbauteile wird der CHAINGLIDER am Rad montiert und läuft .

Hebie Chainglider rear part 350 R chain guard la ROSE Bikes. ★ Individual service ★ Livrare rapida ★ 110 ani de traditie. Convinge-te singur.

Hebie do make an IMotion specific chainglider but it was only designed fro sprockets between 18t and 22t the same as the standard. The only one that can accept a small enough sprocket is the Rohloff specific one. The Rohloff specific one will probably work fine on most other hubs but as we've only ever tested it on Rohloff hubs we can't say for sure. If you do wish to try that one and it doesn.

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Hebie makes your bike complete for over 100 years. In 1868 founded as a producer of cork parts, Hebie focused on the production of bike parts in 1910. In 1868 founded as a producer of cork parts, Hebie focused on the production of bike parts.