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A--146 Temperature Controller E5CS--X Temperature Controller E5CS--X 1/16 DIN Sized Controller Offers Selectable Control, Alarm Modes D Accurate to ±0.5% of full scale.Size Type Control modes Alarms Outputs Model with thermistor Model with universal-input (thermocouple and platinum resistance thermometer) E5CS-U.Temperature Controller E5CS-X DIN-sized (48 48 mm) Temperature Controller Features Automatic P (proportional action) Tuning Function Accurate to ±0.5% of full scale. Multiple temperature ranges allow easy selection for application. Field-selectable temperature ranges in °C and °F. Easy-to-read, 11-mm high LED digital display.The Temperature Controller is contained in a mount- ing bracket, so close side-by-side Temperature Controller mounting is possible. Provide a center-to- center distance of at least 60 mm between two adja- cent Temperature Controllers.E5CS-X E5CS-X 1 Temperature Controller E5CS-X 1/16 DIN Sized Multi-range Controller Offers Selectable Control Modes, Built-in Alarm Accurate to ±0.5% of full scale.E5CSV E5CSV E5CSV E5CSV E5CSV E5CSV E5CS-U E5CS-U E5CS-U E5CS-U E5CS-U E5CS-U Digital Temperature Controller User's Manual Cat. No. H140-E1-02. Page 3. Conforms to UL, CSA, and IEC safety standards and EMC Directive. This manual describes the E5CSV and E5CS-U. Read this manual thoroughly and be sure you understand it before attempting to use the Compact Digital Temperature Controller and use the Compact Digital Temperature Controller correctly according to the information provided.0010 030_Manual: E5CS-U, E5CSV Digital Temperature Controller User's Manual: Instruction Manual E5CS-U Temperature Controller Instruction Sheet (ENG/CHI).E5CSV/E5CS-U Digital Temperature Controller Digital Temperature Controller E5CSVE5CSV E5CS-UE5CS-U E5CSVE5CSV E5CS-UE5CS-U E5CSV5CSV E5CS-UCS-U User's Manual.OMRON Corporation; Sitemap; Terms of Use; Privacy Policy © Copyright OMRON Corporation 2007 - 2018. All Rights Reserved.Simple Functions in DIN 48 times; 48 mm-size Plug-in Temperature Controllers Item list of E5CS about this Product Family.Set temperature Switch 3 OFF: Controller performs reverse operation used with heaters. ON PX162 3 4 5 ON By contrast, if the temperature controller is used to control a output cooling. temperature ° switch.

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