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MyAMP is an amplifier for use with stereo speakers that has both digital and bluetooth ports, something you often don’t find on traditional amplifiers. With an output of 2x60W into 4 ohms (class A/B) the MyAMP works perfectly with large stereo system, television, tablet, smartphone or computer.

Even driving my reference £7,000 Sonus faber Olympica II loudspeakers and fed from a £9,000 dCS Debussy DAC, the Micromega isn’t exactly overwhelmed. Most people, however, will use it with more sensibly priced ancillaries; my sample spends much of the review period driving Q Acoustics 2050i speakers, fed from my laptop computer.

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“Whenever I speak about my company I speak with the passion we have. Located in the Paris region of France, I have ensured that Micromega.

  • The joining of two Micromega products The MyAMP and MySPEAKER were made for each other. Save on space by combining a compact speaker.

  • View and Download Micromega MyAMP user manual online. AUDIOPHILE INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER. MyAMP Amplifier pdf manual download.

  • manual, and read it fully before attempting to operate. It is designed to ensure that you maximise your pleasure of listening to MyAMP. Checking. Check that the .

  • Micromega MyAMP Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Micromega MyAMP User Manual.

  • A modern amplifier MyAMP is an amplifier for use with stereo speakers that has both digital and bluetooth ports, something you often don't find on traditional.

Micromega has been in on this trend for some time now. The French company has been a purveyor of full-scale electronics and streamers as well as the “My Range” of modest mighty-mites like the MyGroov and MyZic and TAS’ 2012 Product Of The Year, the MyDac.

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Dec 9, 2014 Inside this curious-looking unit lies a class A/B amplifier. On the outside, heat sinks help to keep the unit cool. This is unlike any other integrated .

User's manual There is no sound coming out of MyDAC or the sound is coming from my servicing instructions in the literature associated with this device.

You don't have to be a nihilist to enjoy Micromega's new MyAmp integrated amplifier and DAC, says David Price. The name says it all. In a Googled-up world .

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Micromega MyAmp Integrated Class AB Audiophile Amplifier. Read the Manual here. Free shipping within Australia. Brand: Micromega. 9.00 .